At Springboard, we are an integrated team with aligned interests.

We can’t do it without our investors and limited partners. No one brain is more powerful or stronger than dozens or a hundred combined together. Ventures are not about only great ideas but we must solve problems and have excellent fundamentals including timing, work, ethics, quality and more.
About Peter Mitchell, Founder and Managing Partner

Since 2002, Peter Mitchell has become a seasoned entrepreneur with his start-up businesses, passionate about someday developing a new model that better enables the disruptors of venture capital. As the Founder and Managing Partner at Springboard Ventures, Peter has invested and supported technology startups across various industries including ASAP Tire and Titan School Solutions.

Peter avidly continues to support top California-based and national corporations across various sectors including: real estate and development, financial services, law enforcement/public safety, corporate businesses, trade associations, non-profit organizations, entertainment, insurance, medical, food and beverage, union, finance, infrastructure, manufacturing, and technology.

Contact Peter Mitchell at peter@springboardvc.com.